Monday, September 24, 2012

Leer & Cerce - Split (2012)

For Fans Of: Tera Melos, Look Mexico, Native
Genre: Math Rock, Indie, Screamo
Website: Bandcamp

Heard about this band a while ago but never really checked them out until now and man am I amazed. Leer are five dudes from Cali who play noodly screaming math rock and are amazing at it (I'm surprised how little this band is known about). They remind me a lot like Native but better: their screams aren't as shitty and their guitar work is a lot more melodic and better structured. Although they barely have anything out, people really need to check these guys out and support them; the music speaks for itself. Below is the link to their bandcamp where you can download their first EP (fo' free) and get the split with Cerce who are really cool too (I'll look into them later when I get a chance). Get into it.

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